About us

What is Clinicians in Research Network (CiRN)?

Clinicians in Research Network (CiRN) is a professional network for cultivating collegiality and supporting career development of clinically-trained early career researchers (ECRs).

CiRN contributes to the Clinical AcademicTraining Advisory Committee at the University of Glasgow.

Who do CiRN support?

CiRN primarily supports clinically-trained early career researchers (ECRs). This group includes clinical research fellows (medical doctors undertaking PhD or MD), as well as early post-doctoral clinical researchers (for example, clinical lecturers and clinician scientists). CiRN also provides information for medical doctors who are considering a period of full-time research. 

What does CiRN do? 

CiRN provides opportunities for clinically-trained ECRs to connect with others in similar positions and informal training for non-technical research skills. Currently, CiRN hosts lunchtime forums, evening networking events and an annual research meeting.

Please visit our News & Upcoming Events page for our latest events. If you have other queries or are interested to join our organising committee, please contact us (Contact@CiRNglasgow.org).

Who are supporting CiRN? 

The Institute of Cancer Sciences at the University of Glasgow supports CiRN lunchtime forums on the Garscube Campus. The New Initiatives Fund at the University of Glasgow supported CiRN in 2016, and the Chancellors’ Fund at the University of Glasgow supports CiRN in 2017-2018.

If you would like to support CiRN, please contact us (Contact@CiRNglasgow.org).

Further information and questions

CiRN is an evolving network – feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Please contact us-our email address is contact@cirnglasgow.org.